Why Real?

The benefits of choosing a fresh cut Christmas tree are real! They create joy in the moment, traditions over the years, and memories that last a lifetime. Here are just a few of the top reasons we believe real trees make all the difference.

Reason 1: The Scent that Makes it Christmas

The smell of a real Christmas tree is the number one scent of the holiday season. Synonymous with the holiday, most people believe that until the fresh scent of a real tree arrives, it’s not truly Christmas.

Reason 2: Create Real Memories

Consumer survey research shows that the experience of getting a real tree is among the top childhood memories of Christmas. Beyond strengthening bonds among family and friends, it’s a tradition that can be passed down and shared for generations to come.

Reason 3: Protect and Care for the Environment

Celebrating with a real Christmas tree has a significant environmental benefit. A real tree spends around 8 years growing in the field before it is harvested. During that time, it produces oxygen, provides a habitat for wildlife, and preserves green space across North America. And unlike artificial alternatives, a real tree is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.