Noble Fir

Noble Firs have the magical Christmas scent. We recommend putting slightly warm water at the base of the tree within 2 hours of the tree getting a “fresh cut”.  Check the water level at least daily to make sure the tree base is submerged in water.  Do not place your tree near a heat source such as a fireplace, vent, heater, or picture window. Keep the room as cool as possible. When ordered online, we use our over ten years of experience in spotting a dream tree, choose that one for you and deliver it to your home.  With local delivery we will contact you and schedule a drop off weekdays between 8pm - 11pm.

Local Delivery requires minimum order of $90. A $25 Shipping Fee will be charged for all orders up to $240 and $50 Shipping Fee for orders greater than $240.  We deliver within a 5 mile radius from the store lot location (3839 Stone Way Ave N, Seattle WA 98103).